Unleashing Potential: The Benefits of Cybersecurity Staff Augmentation from Colombia for the United States

In an era where digital threats are evolving at an unprecedented pace, businesses in the United States are increasingly turning towards innovative solutions to bolster their cybersecurity defenses. One such solution is cybersecurity staff augmentation from Colombia, a strategy that is rapidly gaining traction due to its multitude of benefits. This article delves into how […]

August Monthly News: Cyber Security

Welcome to Password News – Your Source for Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity News! Are you connect with the latest in cybersecurity? Look no further! CyberSecure is your one-stop channel for the most up-to-date cybersecurity news and insights. Our team of experts is dedicated to bringing you the latest trends, threat alerts, and actionable tips to keep your […]

Experts Notice Sudden Surge in Exploitation of WordPress Page Builder Plugin Vulnerability

Researchers from Wordfence have sounded the alarm about a “sudden” spike in cyber attacks attempting to exploit an unpatched flaw in a WordPress plugin called Kaswara Modern WPBakery Page Builder Addons. Tracked as CVE-2021-24284, the issue is rated 10.0 on the CVSS vulnerability scoring system and relates to an unauthenticated arbitrary file upload that could be abused to gain […]

5 Questions You Need to Ask About Your Firewall Security

Often, organizations think of firewall security as a one-and-done type of solution. They install firewalls, then assume that they are “good to go” without investigating whether or not these solutions are actually protecting their systems in the best way possible. “Set it and forget it!” Instead of just relying on firewalls and assuming that they […]

Why Developers Hate Changing Language Versions

Progress powers technology forward. But progress also has a cost: by adding new capabilities and features, the developer community is constantly adjusting the building blocks. That includes the fundamental languages used to code technology solutions. When the building blocks change, the code behind the technology solution must change too. It’s a challenging and time-consuming exercise […]

Some Worms Use Their Powers for Good

Gardeners know that worms are good. Cybersecurity professionals know that worms are bad. Very bad. In fact, worms are literally the most devasting force for evil known to the computing world. The MyDoom worm holds the dubious position of most costly computer malware ever – responsible for some $52 billion in damage. In second place… Sobig, another worm. It turns out, however, that […]

Update Google Chrome Browser to Patch New Zero-Day Exploit Detected in the Wild

Google on Monday shipped security updates to address a high-severity zero-day vulnerability in its Chrome web browser that it said is being exploited in the wild. The shortcoming, tracked as CVE-2022-2294, relates to a heap overflow flaw in the WebRTC component that provides real-time audio and video communication capabilities in browsers without the need to install plugins or […]